BURST Wallet Downloads Quick Links

If you already know what you’re looking for, here are the direct download links to all of the BURST wallets. These links will always be the current versions of the software, always pointing at the official download locations. Also, if you want to browse around for more information, and more options, choose from the links on the right.

Recommended Wallets – Direct Downloads

QBundle 1.6 Released – Bug Fixes and Resume Plots!

Quibus had been hard at work lately, especially with this new influx of users coming into Burst. He has released version 1.6 of Qbundle. Notably, those users that were getting an false error reporting overlapping plots should not get this error anymore. Even better, users can now resume plotting from the Qbundle interface!

To upgrade, just go into File -> Check For Updates, and Qbundle will walk you through updating to the new version.

Download Qbundle HERE