New Burstcoin Online HTTPS Web Wallet

I have started a ssl web wallet for everyone to use. It’s at

Consider it under beta testing for now while I monitor it. I felt that there needed to be another option out there for people, especially one with encryption. The newest version of Burst seems to be needing a lot more system resources, so I am going to keep an eye on it.


Everyone needs to upgrade to the newest release 1.2.9 wallet. The network has been under attack for the past several days, and this release deals with the kind of attack that is happening. Please follow the links below.

Click here to download Burst Core Wallet 1.2.9

Follow these instructions to correctly set up the Burst Core Wallet

Click here to read more about the attack on the network.

If you are currently running an All-In-One wallet, it is highly advised to stop doing so until they are updated with the new Burst Core 1.2.9 changes. As soon as they are released, I will post them on the site.

Bittrex Burst Wallet Temporarily Disabled – Lexicon Steps in To Resolve The Problem

Yesterday, Bittrex disabled their Burstcoin Wallet after finding discrepancies in transactions from the block explorer at Bittrex was not able to get in contact with any developer on their contact list. However, Lexicon came to the rescue and resolved the problem temporarily.

The block explorer has a problem with not re-checking its database after a fork. The fork is the result of continuous DDoS attacks. So, it’s not recommended to rely on the explorer for crucial information. Lexicon is currently waiting for Haitch to send him a copy of the block explorer and database to see what the problem is, and hopefully resolve it.

Thanks Lexicon!

Burstcoin Blockchain Downloads

I have set up a bunch of mirrors for people to download the blockchain. They will at least be updated once a week, maybe more if I can set it up to be more automated. The db being hosted at burst-team was being used a DoS attack vector, and has been removed…for how long I don’t know. I’ll be sure to keep at least one download link working here though 🙂

Visit this page to see the burstcoin blockchain download mirrors.

BURST Wallet Downloads Quick Links

If you already know what you’re looking for, here are the direct download links to all of the BURST wallets. These links will always be the current versions of the software, always pointing at the official download locations. Also, if you want to browse around for more information, and more options, choose from the links on the right.

Download Burst Wallets