Burst CG Wallet by PoC Consortium

In case you haven’t read their announcement, the PoC Consortium is here to transform Burst from the ground up. This is their for of Burst Core that they will be maintaining and upgrading as time goes on. The first, main difference between the two is that this one uses a new, more reliable database backend, MariaDB. This Burst wallet has proven to be very stable, and is intended to be developed much more quickly than the core wallet. Until it is developed further, it takes a bit more technical skill to install this wallet than everyone other version.

The PoCC maintains a Linux package repository for Burst. Currently Debian and Ubuntu are supported. Click here to visit the repository information page.

Download Burst Wallet 1.3.6cg here!

Windows users should check out the Windows launcher here.

Current Release


Released October 29, 2017

  • Multiple Database Functionality (MariaDB, Firebird, H2)
  • Quicksync

Download burstcoin-1.3.6.cg.zip – 39MB

Download Source – zip

Download Source – tar.gz


Past Releases


Released Septermber 5, 2017

  • Advanced UTF8 Support
  • Enhanced Database Deployment
  • Improved Web GUI Version Notification

Download burstcoin-1.3.4.cg.zip – 8.11MB

Download Source – zip

Download Source – tar.gz



Released August 11, 2017

  • First release of the CryptoGuru Enterprise Burstcoin Wallet.
  • MariaDB Back End

Download burstcoin-1.3.2.cg.zip – 9.77MB

Download Source – zip

Download Source – tar.gz