Qbundle – AIO Burst Core Wallet Launcher For Windows

Created and maintained by Quibus, then maintained by Heos, and finally taken over by the Burst Apps Team. The software bundle and launcher makes it easy for Windows users to utilize the Burst Core Wallet which is official known as BRS or Burst Reference Software. Bundled into this launcher are MANY useful features such as mining, plotting, database importing, account management, and more! Choose the portable version if you wish to run in a folder of your choice (and be able to move it around as you wish), or the windows installer to install into default locations. This package is meant to make things easier on the everyday Burst user.


  • Easily start and stop the wallet.
  • Option to check for new software versions, and download.
  • Bundle contains everything needed to run the current CG Burst Wallet.
  • Bootstrap Chain
  • Easily switch between H2, and MariaDB solutions
  • Mining and plotting
  • Account Manager
  • Paper Wallet Creator
  • Chromium Browser

Current Release


Released July 2, 2018

You will need to manually upgrade to this release by copying the files in this zip and pasting into your QBundle directory, replacing the old files. You will then be able to upgrade to BRS 2.3.0 and will automatically receive future updates from the Burst Apps Team


  • Support for BRS 2.3.0
  • Fetch updates from Burst Apps Team GitHub

Qbundle_2.5.1.zip – 946 KB

Source code (zip)

Source code (tar.gz)

Past Releases


Released July 28, 2018

Striking new features

Moved from InternetExplorer to Chromium.
The Chromium Browser significantly improves speed and security
of the QBundle.

Other changes

  • Paperburst is added under tools.
  • Account manger seed generation now uses RFC4086 compliant method.
  • Reward assignment works again and you are able to specify a fee.
  • Burst as Service is no longer supported in Qbundle.
  • Check for updates is now Application Manager and allow you to update/install individual components.
  • The Burstcoin Wallet is no longer shipped with QBundle but installed by user on first run.
  • Wallet mode start size is more adapted to new 2.2.2 Burstcoin Wallet.
  • Own settings in brs.properties will now be preserved.

Portable Version – Qbundle2.5.0_final.zip – 931KB

Source code (zip)

Source code (tar.gz)


Released July 2, 2018

This is a Beta version of Qbundle 2.5.0.
Please do not overwrite current release installations with this version but rather add this beside the original.
Since it is a beta, only a portable version is provided.
You cannot run 2 versions at the same time.

Changes in this version
Account manger seed generation now uses RFC4086 compliant method.
Moved from IE to Chromium
Reward assignment works again and you are able to specify a fee.
Burst as Service is no longer supported in Qbundle.
Check for updates is now Application Manager and allow you to update/install individual components.
BRS is no longer shipped with Qbundle but installed by user on first run.
Wallet mode start size is more adapted to new BRS gui.
Paperburst is added under tools.
Own settings in brs.properties will now be preserved.
Load and informationscreens added instead of white blank pages in wallet mode.
A lot of code refactoring.

Portable Version – Qbundle_v2.5.0.zip – 83.4 MB

Source code (zip)

Source code (tar.gz)

v2.1.0 + Additional Patch

Released May 31, 2018

  • Compatible with new core wallet API restrictions.
  • PoC2 plotfiles is now standard for plotting.
  • Qbundle now uses modified versions of Xplotter and Miner for PoC2 compability (Thanx JohnnyFFM)
  • Dynamic plotting now supports avx2 and poc2 format
  • JohnnyFFM’s plot converter added to tools.
  • Help tab is now added with Qbundle Manual and great commuinty burst resources.
  • Patch – 
  • Some small fixes regarding PoC2
  • Force refresh Core wallet UI upon load.

Qbundle installer sha256 hash: EB1F5802A2B8CB0FD7DA74C7F7A1FAC029E7FCD51D8F36A995C1DEB30AAB227F

Qbundle portable sha256 hash: 9934ADB3AAB8D64381878117225AAEE680800267C44E43A200C5419A023C0505

Core wallet BRS 2.2.0 is included

Portable Version – Qbundle_portable_v2.1.0.zip – 24.4 MB

Windows Installer – Qbundle_installer_v2.1.0.msi – 23.8 MB

Patch (Replace .exe in your installation folder) BurstWallet.exe – 1.1 MB

Source code (zip)

Source code (tar.gz)


Released April 1, 2018

  • Fixed Download of Java at setup screen
  • Added support for Xplotter v1.1 AVX2
  • Updates will not ask to shut down wallet if no updates are available
  • Bootstrap chain is now available again for H2 and MariaDB.
  • Fixed problem when solomining where serverdata were never filled.

Qbundle installer sha256 hash: 0E5F098D1304DCA658354FA54B4ACD3E9ECB8AFF775377E3A5021E48EB533E18

Qbundle portable sha256 hash: D51108F3AFBE65750D778027D6BD1CCE82025AE8B9A2C7096222635A6166878F

Core wallet BRS 2.0.1 is included

Portable Version – Qbundle_2.0.2.zip – 19.7 MB

Windows Installer – Qbundle_installer_2.0.2.msi – 21 MB

Source code (zip)

Source code (tar.gz)


Released March 27, 2018

  • Accountmanager login for BRS gui.
  • Miner not starting problem.
  • Setting for NoDirectLogin does not stick
  • Updater will not do endless loops.
  • Broken UI where your login screen is only grey.

Qbundle installer sha256 hash: 4740ED017A0F99293617201FCF899F2EC52A4C0BA7AEF1EB5F67928642A3941E

Qbundle portable sha256 hash: 2A9FCEFE9E39FD66D378438164BD85E676541053BF0D28980AB9F9FABEA8114D

Core wallet BRS 2.0.1 is included

Portable Version – Qbundle_2.0.2.zip – 23 MB

Windows Installer – Qbundle_installer_2.0.1.msi – 22.6 MB

Source code (zip)

Source code (tar.gz)


Released March 26, 2018

  • Check for updates now automatically updates Pool/wallet info.
  • Ability to set amount of threads and ram on dynamic plotting.
  • Qbundle checks for NTFS compressed drive or folder and warns when it is not supported.
  • Drives mounted in folders now show free space correctly.
  • Pool lists updated
  • Upgrade system changed slightly to support second grade upgrades.
  • servicemodule updated to handle BRS 2.0.0
  • Core wallet configuration schema updated to handle BRS 2.0.0

Due to change in BRS software following features have been removed or changed.
Some of them will be back later

  • Export Database removed.
  • bbd fileformat removed.
  • Import database is changed to bootstrap chain but is disabled for now.
  • Bootstrap chain only support built in repositories for now.
  • Change database can no longer convert database content.
  • Firebird support removed.

Qbundle installer sha256 hash: 4F2E75221736F4A14367ABF460A5A4092CBA21C32EE8220555688FBD713AE223

Qbundle portable sha256 hash: 873F610D697BD982C1E15BC9577D9F352AE808C22433E8F0081B4DA628E19BE3

Core wallet BRS 2.0.1 is included

Portable Version – Qbundle_2.0.0.zip – 23 MB

Windows Installer – Qbundle_installer_2.0.0.msi – 22.6 MB

Source code (zip)

Source code (tar.gz)


  • Updated pool lists.
  • Ability to set manual broadcast address.
  • Tray icon updated.
  • Improved Vanity address generator speed.
  • Resume plotting can now contain spaces in path to plot file.
  • Ability to show coinmarketcap info in different currencies. Issue #20
  • Sigint improved to work on windows 7 Issue #18
  • Updated database repositories.
  • Wallet should now be more stable while solomining on H2 db.

Qbundle installer sha256 hash: 174B4547FCC9CC3F53529C4F26EB5B97E2A18BF687826068FAE881C9F9D79946

Qbundle portable sha256 hash: 25DD9551CB1A676161C0F8A4118D379D3BE470436B3AE4F32CCB86738B4DCBE4

Core wallet 1.3.6cg is included

PORTABLE – Qbundle_1.9.zip – 39.8MB

WINDOWS INSTALLER – Qbundle_installer_1.9.msi – 38.8mb

Source code (zip)

Source code (tar.gz)


  • Changing database should no longer cause issues.
  • Miner window now remembers your settings when you start to mine
  • Ability to Select / Deselect multiple plot files. Issue #4
  • Better error handling in Sanity check.
  • Pool list updated.
  • minor visual changes.
  • new logo for better visibility
  • updated well known peers.
  • Import repositories updated.

Qbundle_1.8.zip – 39.8MB

Qbundle_installer_1.8.msi – 38.8MB

Source code (zip)

Source code (tar.gz)


    • Corrected errors in predefined pool list
    • Accounts.xml is now correctly spelled.
    • NTP checks should no longer cause hangs
    • Qbundle Installer will from now on be provided.
    • Ask for pin now shows * instead of cleartext pin
    • Account manager can now show more info about accounts.
    • Vanity address generator added.
    • Setting to disable direct login from Account manager accounts.
    • Ability to change connection string for databases.
    • multiple minor internal changes.
    • Burstneon repo is no longer in zip format
    • Small change in update handling and visibility
  • Qbundle installer sha256 hash: E4865E3B19C5976630B6D5AF97EE4F7AC948ED7B91519C049E21C9DE868C600AQbundle portable sha256 hash: C52E0168F94DA38F98BF29832CA2A787511067D2DCE3EE69051A90C820C78E5ECore wallet 1.3.6cg is included

Qbundle_1.7.zip – 39.9MB

Qbundle_installer_1.7.msi – 38.9MB

Source code (zip)

Source code (tar.gz)


  • Added ability to resume plotfile.
  • Burstneon block catcher added to Repository for direct H2 Import.
  • Updated Pool list
  • Windows scale factor is now compatible with Qbundle
  • No internet connection should no longer cause crashes.
  • Addressed an issue in Plotter saying there is an overlap when there is not.
  • Plotter now supports RS address for account id.
  • Checks that correct .net version is installed.
  • Core wallet 1.3.6cg included.
  • Please verify that .net version 4.5.2 or newer is installed.

Qbundle_1.6.zip – 39.4MB

Download Source – zip

Download Source – tar.gz


  • Plotting to pathes with spaces in them is now working.
  • Parrent window is now hidden during download to prevent locked windows. (Issue #2 on github)
  • More information regarding java is now presented on setupscreen (Issue #1 on github)
  • H2 db is now default for new users.
  • Setup wizard now selects h2 by default without asking users.
  • Setup wizard does not show option to download db.
  • Switching to MariaDB portable without editing or deleting BWL.ini now works.
  • Disabled firebird as selectable database
  • Ability to minimize download window.

To ease up confusion setup wizard is now reduced to java check only and H2 DB backend as default. If you want to use MariaDB that can be changed in the menu Database -> Change database. It is no longer endorsed to copy a database from another system but if you wish to do so this can still be reached from the menu Database -> Import database.

Also, firebird has been disabled for now and you are urged to switch to another database.

Core wallet 1.3.6cg included.

Qbundle_1.5.zip – 39.4MB

Download Source – zip

Download Source – tar.gz


Added –

  • Ability to import a folder with plotfiles to My Plotfiles
  • Added NTP time check before starting wallet.
  • Dynamic plotting (Add/Remove Plotfiles depending on free space)
  • Rollback chain function (popoff blocks)
  • Minimize to tray function
  • Can show Burst price info from Coinmarketcap
  • Online wallets can now be used in wallet mode.
  • New bar with price and wallet selection added
  • Shows blocks/minute when syncing chain.

Changed –

  • Some minor GUI changes.
  • HashesPerEnqueue is now set to 100 when using OpenCL


  • when solo mining passphrase is now only saved to disk for 3 seconds.
  • Restricted path selection for Xplotter.
  • Updated built in pool list.
  • fixed a bug when importing bbd files.
  • Setup wizard resizing problem.

Qbundle_1.4.zip – 39.8MB

Download Source – zip

Download Source – tar.gz


  • Getting started Wizard.
  • Support for multiple database types.
  • Individual components download at start.
  • Contributors Window.
  • NRS network configuration.
  • Export, Import and Convert database using (binary burst database format).
  • Built in repositories for quick download of databases.
  • Autodetect and setup Peer IP
  • Limit logical CPU cores feature.
  • Option to use automatic GPU acceleration.
  • Sanity check
  • Internal Upgrade Scenarios Handler
  • Windows firewall rules can be automatically configured.
  • Option to always start with administrative privileges.
  • Wallet Exception monitoring with automatic restart.
  • Debug option with stack trace log
  • Internal settings handler changed.
  • Corrected spelling errors.
  • Update system changed to handle more components.
  • Internal code structure changed to be more modular
  • Download system changed to be consistent and show more info.
  • Console log is now Realtime and limited to 3000 lines
  • NRS included in this release

Download Burstwallet_1.3.6cg-bundle.zip – 39.4MB

Download Source – zip

Download Source – tar.gz


  • Improved Sigint/sigkill
  • Fixed potential problem when sending sigint.

Download The Complete Bundle – Burstwallet-1.3.4cg-bundle.zip – 198MB

Download Only The Launcher Files BurstWalletLauncher-1.1.zip – 83.5KB

Download Source – zip

Download Source – tar.gz


This launcher is intended to replace start wallet.bat in the windows bundle for v1.3.4cg version.

Download  BurstWalletLaunche.exe – 755KB

Download Source – zip

Download Source – tar.gz