daWallet’s Burst Client For Windows All-In-One Wallet

Notice: This Software is EOL and is no longer updated nor supported. It is remaining archived here, but will not connect to the Burst network.

daWallet’s all-in-one is the most widely used wallet for Burstcoin. Burst Win Client extends the original Burst Wallet  with Plotter and Miner software from other developers. It’s a helper tool for a Windows user. The information for this page is taken from the official Burst Team Forums release thread located here.

GitHub Repository


  • daWallet’s BURST Address if you would like to donate to him for creating such a handy tool.


  • Account Manager
  • Plotter & Miner (GUI for Janror’s plotter and Blago’s miner)
  • GPU assisted miner (Luxes’ miner) available
  • Installation routine
  • Minimize to tray
  • Market Information
  • Simple integration of the Crowdfunding AT

Current Release


Released January 2, 2018

Download Burstcoin_Client_Win_Portable_0.3.13.zip – 58.3MB

Download Burstcoin_Wallet_AIO_Setup_0.3.13.exe – 47MB

Download Source – zip

Download Source – tar.gz


Past Releases


Released September 1, 2017

  • added blago’s latest miner (v1.170820) 25% faster! github.com/Blagodarenko/miner-burst/releases
  • replaced online wallet links
  • minor improvements and bugfixes

Download Burstcoin_Client_Win_Portable_0.3.11.zip– 31.4MB

Download Burstcoin_Wallet_AIO_Setup_0.3.11.exe – 29.7MB

Download Source – zip

Download Source – tar.gz



Released June 26, 2017

  • updated to core version 1.2.9
  • added new pools
  • code refactoring and clean up

Download Burstcoin_Client_Win_Portable_0.3.10.zip – 31.4MB

Download Burstcoin_Wallet_AIO_Setup_0.3.10.exe – 29.7MB

Download Source – zip

Download Source – tar.gz

  • new pools
  • updated jminer to the latest version -> github.com/de-luxe/burstcoin-jminer/
  • bugfixes and improvements bugfix release

  • fixed market information in footer
  • fixed links to external websites

  • Checks available RAM before starting local wallet
  • bugfix in x86 plotter function
  • bugfix “maximized at start”
  • revert automatic logout when loading passphrase
  • new faucet




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daWallet AIO Login Screen daWallet AIO Dashboard Screen daWallet AIO About Screen daWallet AIO Plotting Configuration Screen daWallet AIO Mining Configuration Screen