Burst Hotwallet – Easy Burstcoin Wallet

The Burst Hotwallet is created and maintained by Burst Apps Team member Curbshifter. It is one of several unique applications that are part of his Crypto Extensions collection. The main purpose of the Burst Hotwallet is to make it extremely easy for people to put Burst to everyday use for payments. This is a secure, sleek, and compact (Under 2 megs!) app that gets the job done fast. Also, interestingly, he will be testing out his idea for “License As A Token”, and you can request a Pro License from him to be transferred to your wallet as a Burst token. Go here to watch the tutorial video!



Pro License

Right now, the Pro License is in an experimental stage. There are no additional features that you get with the license right now, but that will change in the future. It’s best to grab a license now though, and help him experiment with “License As A Token”. Getting sent a license also “activates” your Burst address. Here are the ways to request (Include Your Burst Address!):



  • A small & easy app to send and receive Burstcoin.
  • Simple browser buy buttons for easy shop and dApp integration.
  • Use aliases and (encrypted) messages.
  • Export a CSV file with your transactions.
  • Can display in other currencies
  • (BTC/USD/EUR/..) (coinmarketcap free API account compatible)
  • Lists multi-out balance changes.
  • Planned support for CIP-multiout-reverse
  • Import, export and PIN protect your pass phrase.
  • Automatic fee suggestions.
  • Released under Open source (GLPv3), build it yourself or download
  • Possible future “Pro” version. Get your free Pro license now!


Current Release


Released June 13, 2019


  • Much faster startup + various optimizers
  • Vanity address generator, simple to use, shown optional when creating new wallet.
  • Display and set account info, name + description on settings page
  • Display and set reward recipient on settings page
  • Assets support for balances and sending. Assets are selectable when balance is not 0.
  • Display support for AT bytecode messages UTF8
  • Easier saving of new wallet passphrase with options to save to file & copy to clipboard. (paper + pen still recommended).
  • Spot check of a few words of a new pass phrase. To ensure clients have a copy.
  • The shoutbox now allows you to open links and copy the text with pop-up menu
  • Default wallets and reward recipients lists added, including a online repo check for updates.
  • General UI/UX updates
  • Minor fixes
  • Code clean up

SHA256 hash of file BurstHotWallet.msi:

bb 13 6c f8 87 a4 a9 2a 7b 22 f7 f3 8b 05 2a f8 66 3a b1 05 ca 10 47 f0 fd 4f ad 60 1a 73 dc 45

SHA256 hash of file BurstHotWallet.dmg:

8d 60 ca 58 a3 be ae 78 51 e8 cc cb 80 10 ad 4d 98 90 40 44 78 f6 9d 88 fa 46 66 7b f8 aa 7e 89

Windows Installer 1.48MB

Mac Installer 1.61MB

Source Code (ZIP)

Source Code (TAR.GZ)  



Past Releases



Released May 27, 2019


  • Added support for BRS 2.3.1 incoming multi-out display
  • Small fixes

SHA256 hash of file BurstHotWallet.msi:

e0 cb 3e aa 47 0f 1e 0c 02 3c 1e 52 d2 33 c6 da 77 e1 50 78 cc 34 d1 19 2b 92 bc aa e5 a6 d6 7b

SHA256 hash of file BurstHotWallet.dmg:

34 ef dd 49 42 38 8d b9 8c 26 4a d3 5f 66 d7 fc 10 a7 5d 22 3c c1 2a 8d 4e d4 d5 46 2e 22 83 b9

Windows Installer 1.47MB

Mac Installer 1.64MB

Source Code (ZIP)

Source Code (TAR.GZ)  



Released March 16, 2019


  • Coupons v2 now easier and transparent ! + a new claim page
  • Seed AES256 encrypted in memory
  • Standard usage of the free and open coinpaprika price ticker.
  • Added basic staked shout box component 60 sec rotation
  • Added transaction details link to explorer.burstcoin.network
  • Optional forcing of https
  • Hotwallet.pro license asset detection
  • Optional twitter wallet secure request. for securing new wallets via public key
  • a new look (New balance component ect ect)
  • and more



Released February 4, 2019

<First Release!>