Burst Online Web Wallets

Before anything else, I would like to talk about my stance on web wallets. Web wallets should not be used in most circumstances. I don’t believe they should be used at all for accessing anything that you don’t want other people to have access to.  Not only are you having to trust that the operator of the wallet is not going to steal from you, you also have to trust that the server hasn’t been hacked, and someone else is stealing your passphrase. This includes tampering with the software itself so it actually does save your passphrase.

That being said, they are an extremely convenient, albeit the least secure, way of accessing your wallet. There are a couple versions out there right now. The original BRS interface, and the new Phoenix UI. The Phoenix version does not require your passphrase to be sent over the internet, it stays with you. You sign transactions locally on your own machine. So, the unmodified Phoenix is the most secure out of the two.

As always, only use wallets secured with an https encrypted connection.

Current Web Wallet List