Burstcoin Blockchain Download

For those people wanting to use locally hosted wallets, waiting for the blockchain to synchronize can be an agonizing thing. Thankfully, there are people that provide an updated blockchain download that will dramatically shorten the time it takes to synchronize with the network. Using this to bootstrap the database will save you days waiting for it to complete. Choose from several versions below for your convenience.

Please Note! All of the databases available here are produced by BRS versopm 2.4.0 and higher, which means they are not compatible with any version lower than that. Including multi-out transactions changed the database structure.

H2 Database Bootstrap

Date of blockchain – February 1, 2020

Extract these files into the ‘burst_db’ folder that is in your BRS directory. It’s as simple as that. This can be used in any OS that BRS is installed on.

Burst H2 Database Bootstrap Download – 7.82GB

Maria Database SQL Dump

Date of blockchain – February 1, 2020

Import this into your MariaDB on any OS. For advanced users.

MariaDB SQL Dump Download – 1.46GB


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