A Lot of Software Updates! BRS 2.4.1, Qbundle 2.5.3, Phoenix beta-9 + New Burst Bootstraps!

There have been a lot of releases this past week for Burst. All of the pages on Burstwallet.io have been updated, but I hadn’t gotten around to the bootstraps or creating a news update.

Harry1453 has released Burst Reference Software v 2.4.1, which quickly followed a huge update with v 2.4.0. See all of the changes on the BRS page.

Qbundle has also been updated to 2.5.3, with some minor fixes, also including an updated MariaDB download to speed up sync times.

blankey1337 and ohager have released Phoenix version beta-9 of their amazing modern Burst Wallet UI.

Lastly, all Burst bootstrap files have been updated and made current. With the release of BRS 2.4.0, the database structure changed, so the new bootstraps are only compatiable with BRS 2.4.0 and newer. Go to the Burst Blockchain Downloads page to grab them.

Also, just a note out there to everyone: the Burst project is still looking for someone to create the successor to Qbundle (or even take over the development of Qbundle itself). Head on over reddit to also check out other ways you can help us out with the project!